Now using a hair dryer is better than air drying them – Hairdryer or air dry? What’s best for your hair


We have all been via numerous articles or blog posts and tutorials, all of which have suggested us to enable our hair air dry as usually as possible and stay clear of using heat to dry or fashion them. What if we informed you that all of it is a farce? What if using a hair dryer to dry your hair is way improved than allowing them air dry? Amazed? So were we. In accordance to a new examine, air drying your hair damages them way extra than using heat to do the very same. Science says that, your hair will take a very long time to dry obviously and in that time the water causes the cuticle to swell and crack. This revelation has triggered pretty a stir in the elegance field mainly because it problems the golden rule preached by the field.

So, what ought to you do? Prevent air drying and swap to only dryers? Or adhere to your typical schedule?

In this article are a few steps to assist you properly dry your hair devoid of producing harm.


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