Harry Potter: Study says Harry Potter helps readers deal with death


In accordance to a analyze people who dwell above the plan of dying are probable to read through the publications or check out the motion pictures of the fantasy franchise many instances.

For some, it looks that stress and anxiety about or obsession with death makes them want to reread the publications or rewatch the “Harry Potter” films, Lance Garmon, an assistant professor at Salisbury University in Maryland in the US explained, “For people who do dwell on death, the sequence could provide as a coping mechanism,”

For more youthful supporters with a significant degree of death awareness, it could aid them get started to have an understanding of grown-up difficulties, this kind of as dying, he additional.

Loss of life is as well known a topic as enjoy in the Harry Potter sequence and the loss of his moms and dads and deficiency of their enjoy in his more youthful decades formed Harry so it is really simple to see how this sequence in particular is relatable to individuals who dwell on death and loss.

Researchers analyzed more than 400 school pupils. They questioned contributors to identify how several instances they had read through each of the publications and viewed each of the motion pictures in the ‘Harry Potter’ sequence.

They were then questioned a sequence of issues about why they read through or viewed each, as very well as about how prominently death featured in their every day feelings.

Folks in the analyze who had read through the publications at least 9 instances or viewed the motion pictures at least 30 instances were deemed to have significant exposure to the sequence, ‘Live Science’ described.

Researchers identified that when compared with people in the lower- exposure group (up to 3 reserve readings and up to 11 motion picture viewings), the significant-exposure group was more probable to think that death played an essential function in the sequence.

The significant-exposure group described greater death awareness. For example, they ruminated on death or were anxious about the imagined of death – when compared with the lower-exposure group.

Folks who explained they do it as a way to cope or sort their very own identification were most probable to have greater levels of death awareness, when compared with people who read through or viewed principally for entertainment, Garmon explained.


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